Friday, May 16, 2014

Another beautiful and full day.

Everything on hold until I get those roots out.

 I'm up for it!

 It's a great day and it feels good to be alive.


 Long way to go, but so far, so good.

A view from the bottom of the garden that we've never seen before.

And another one bites the dust...

Bev doing what she loves to do.

Keep 'em coming, Bev.

They just keep coming...thank goodness.

 Fire Salamander exposed.

It isn't the first one we've encounter here.  I'm glad I didn't touch it because it excretes toxins that would paralyse me.

Bev, filling the posts with colour.

Wire, plastic, stone, gravel...and a bed frame all hidden in the hedge.

View from the front door...and another trip to the tip.

Nearly done. I'm glad I cut the grass yesterday.

 Well done, Bev.

Still more work to do, but pleased up to now.

 What would be the icing on the cake would be for Sophie to sell us the outbuilding.

David's box hedge starting to fill out.

More baskets filled.

Bev watering...the usual evening ritual.

I managed to strim the ditches and all around the garden perimeter for good measure.

Tomorrow is FA Cup Final day and I doubt I'd get much work done.

Sophie's horses have just galloped past our door. I think they've escaped. they are heading for Yvon's woods. Sophie's on her way after them.

Quite a good day.  We're both really pleased.

Just watched Master Chef. Ping was a worthy winner.

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