Thursday, May 01, 2014

Our first week in France

Okay, we've been here in France exactly one week, and what have we done?

Sorted phone and internet connections
Visited friends
Cleared my studio
Cut grass
Done the washing and shopping
Cleaned the entire house...other than the back bedroom
Re-located the second freezer to my studio
Re-decorated the bathroom
Re-built the shower unit
Hung a mirror and fitted a shelf in main bedroom
Cut two trees down
Strimmed the ditches and garden perimeter.
Re-established the veg plot
Planted seeds
Watched films
Face-time and Skyped friends and family
Caught mice
Had walks...albeit to the bin and around the block.

We found the place completley overgrown, so there was plenty of grass cutting to do. 

Rain stopped play, so there's more to do before it gets to look nice. 

The box hedge is filling out nicely and the oak tree leaves are about to burst.

Haircut time!

That's better. Even the apple tree has gone.

First cut at the front.

We needed a fire in the evenings.

A view of our back from Terese's field.

A new sign for our house.

The patio has been weeded but it needs a jet-wash.

Down by the shed...weeded.

The apple tree before it went.

Gone! And the stump to the left will be completely uprooted.

If it's dry today the grass will get another cut.

What a tool!

Bev is making progress.

Ditches strimmed.

 Just one little bit to do.

 New mirror and shelf table for Bev.  The mirror isn't in three's a reflection of the mirrored wardrobe doors.

The bathroom and shower has had quite an overhaul. The shower door has been moved and it's a perfect magnetic fit at last. The entire shower was about 5mm out of square and I had to start from scratch to re-allign it.


  1. Jaloux!!! Profiter de la vie!!!

  2. Your place looks so nice!