Saturday, May 24, 2014

Another creative week.

And then the moles surfaced...

and even more unsightly and unwelcome mounds appeared.  I've since flattened them, but they will certainly have the last word.

The hanging baskets are coming on a treat.

Bev created a little strawberry patch in between the showers, while I totally organised my studio and painted.

The rain eventually forced me indoors to create a better space for some of our books. I quite enjoyed building it but would much rather be outdoors.

We bought this old sewing machine base with oak plank top at Comptoire des Rue which is now my computer table and home to a couple of quirky clocks. I love working the treadle as I blog. Which reminds me...I lost two pounds this week. The mirror was bought in 1977 when we lived in West Bridgford before any of our children were born.

On our way back, we dropped in to see Barry and Lorraine.  They are here for the rest of the year from Australia.  Now, do you remember the old chest that we nearly bought last week? Well, Barry proudly showed me his latest bargain buy from Comptoire des Rue...yes, it was the very same chest.  It looks absolutely beautiful in the setting of their ancient home.  I'm so glad we'll still get to see it regularly.

When we got back, I created this area to put our logs on (they are still too damp at the moment). We really needed an area that housed at least a weeks worth of logs. The baskets hold paper, card, kindling and all things to do with wood burning. I can't wait to see the logs up there.  The mirror was bought in 1977 along with The Illustrated London News. Baskets, Ikea (we need some more).

That's better!  I just need to fix some skirting.  I'm glad it rained.

The next thing I made was this unit to house some of our DVD's.  Well, I was on a roll and Bev wanted the place more organised! Bev actually helped me to make sure the job was done.

The baskets will hold games and grandkids stuff.

Perhaps next week the weather will be kinder and I could get out for a rest:)

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