Saturday, May 03, 2014

Super Saturday

I knew it was going to be a good day as soon as I saw the nice weather.

1. We Drove to Ploermel via Le Chateau Tregranteur (above) to pick up some garden stuff and return a blind that wasn't wide enough for our front door. We exchanged it for a more expensive bigger one...along with buying a large bag of plant feed, and we received a refund of a few euros (work that one out if you can).

There's the blind with the plant feed and a few other bits...the car ended up packed by the time we left Ploermel. We could really do with a trailer.

2. We dropped by Le Place de Pauline (to visit a friend who has lived in France forever) and, by the time we left, we were loaded with plants from her nursery. Alas, no photo, but Bev was overjoyed.

3. We bumped into Dave and Sandra on the way home ( fellow students at Madame Bouvais weekly French class) and asked if they knew of anyone selling a trailer. "Yes", they replied, and asked us to call them at lunch-time to see if it was still available. We called later, and the trailer was still available, so we picked up Dave and drove to Josselin to have a look at it.

This is the trailer now in our front garden. It's a tipper trailer which has new tyres (including a spare) and the wheel bearings have just been replaced. Perfect! The couple kept chickens and had an excess of eggs.

The trailer was free (but the 1/2 dozen eggs cost us 250 euros) :)

4. After almost seven months, the outside of our car was thoroughly washed.

But what made this a truly super Saturday was Sunderland beating Manchester United away from home(the first time since 1968) to all but seal our survival in the Premier League. I listened to the live commentary as Bev washed the car...yes, I know, but I did do my jobs after the match to ensure I live to fight another day.

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