Monday, May 05, 2014

New Arrivals

The first new arrival was Sophie's 5:00am this morning...

So cute!

I worked on my website and blog up to 10am then went with Dave, Annie and Bev to Vannes to do a bit of shopping. We were out for FIVE hours. Okay, so we had a meal in the middle of it all, but it was still a long time.

The second new arrival (because of our little shopping trip) was...

this little gem. It enables me to have the internet in the breakfast area as well as my studio.

My iPad mini and Bev's laptop working perfectly. You can see the booster plugged in. Incidentally, that 80yr old woman on my iPad was incredible (Britain's got talent).

The third new arrival is under the booster box...

that's right, it's a kettle. I can cope with using the microwave for my single cups, but we are expecting lots of visitors soon, so a kettle will be well used.

Our final new arrivals for the day...

a few bags of cement and a wheel-barrow. My last one was crippled by falling trees.

In the background are big lumps of stone which are still being dragged out of Bev's little veg plot.

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