Wednesday, June 02, 2010


A woman pushing catalogues through letterboxes and a man cutting his hedge on a beautiful sunny day in Cumbria could never have imagined the possibility of their lives -along with twelve others and possibly more-ending so violently and senselessly. I can hardly believe what happened today. This sort of thing just doesn't happen here...or so we like to think. We've had some massacres  in the past carried out by lunatics but this was carried out by a friendly and affable ordinary and well-balanced 52yr old. What's going on?


  1. It's just too awful to take in, isn't it? Right out of the blue so many families blighted today.

  2. I don't know what makes a person do such an awful thing. I guess we will find out more in the coming days, some of it true and some inferred by people trying to make sense of something which doesn't make sense. These things are rare, thankfully, but nonetheless unspeakably tragic for the many more lives which hve been changed forever by this terrible act. I'm sure the thoughts of everyone are with them. As the incident dims in our memories over the weeks and years to come I am sure living with the reality of it all will cause terrible pain to the families and friends of those affected by it.

    Ken, on another subject completely I have so much enjoyed your blog over the past couple of months. It told me something about the strength of human spirit in overcoming adersity and will I am sure be an inspiration to many people.
    I'm sure the next six weeks will fly by and you'll be soon be enjoying the la vie francaise again. Keep up the good work.....

  3. Hi Julie
    You are certainly right. I guess we'll get some reasons for it all soon enough.

    Hi Gaynor
    Thanks for dropping by and I share your thoughts on what happened in Whitehaven on Tuesday.

    I'm glad you have enjoyed reading my blog recently and yes, the six weeks will fly by...or should I say the FIVE weeks will fly by?