Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sat OUR day

Ryanair upset me with their flight changes in August. It wasn't a good start to the day.

I chose the one job I didn't want to do on a hot sunny day, knowing that I'd feel good for doing it. It worked! I'm inching towards one of my main goals for the year by putting a floor in the loft.

After lunch I joined Bev in the garden. She has the garden looking really good and we managed to get rid of everything she's dragged out of it over the last few weeks with another tip run...a job that always makes us feel good.

On the way back we treated ourselves to a lounger for half-price. We wanted two, but it was the last one. TKMax had a few bargains too.

After a haircut, bath and take-away I found myself sitting down with my England shirt on to watch the game...Bev joined me.  Pity about the result. Who taught the Americans how to play?

On balance it was a good day and marks the last Saturday at home for a while. It was Sat OUR day.


  1. Well, yesterday, I chanted "Go England" to my English friend who was all decked out to support her home team. You should have seen all the American moms wondering if I was switching sides :) My husband jokes that there must be a little "British sensibility" in me. I like that.

  2. I can just imagine it and there is certainly nothing wrong with having a bit of sense and sensibility :)