Wednesday, June 09, 2010


The farm next to us in France has just been sold and we have no idea who or what type of people they are. They could be very friendly or they could be the opposite. All we do know is that they are unwilling to sell any of the outbuildings to us. I received an email this evening from the immobiliere which made that clear to us. If it was in English I would have been able to detect the tone, but in French I have no idea. It just seems to be a cold, flat statement of fact...JE SUIS DESOLE LA MAISON EST VENDU ET LES FUTURS ACQUEREURS NE VENDRONT RIEN

The uncertainty is playing on my mind. We've always had super neighbours wherever we've lived; what if it's all about to change with the very last property and the place we retire to?  Surely we can't be that unlucky?

Just five weeks to go before our next visit and still not able to effectively communicate in French. I'd better start making an effort for the sake of our new neighbours who I assume are French.

Tonight I take a very deep breath and try and think of the positives. Perhaps I'm just being irrational. Perhaps I'm just tired. Perhaps tomorrow I'll see things differently.


  1. Wouldn't's just French, one step up from texting.

  2. Best to take each step as it comes. I have learnt that this is the only way to cope with difficult situations over which I have no control, otherwise the worry gremlins romp round my head with great glee, mostly in the middle of the night. I also keep positive thoughts like 'All good is coming to me' right up front in my mind, especially when those gremlins are talking too loud. This seems to dilute and even block their voices. Hope this helps. Keep focussing on the positive aspects, and keep smiling! x

  3. HiTFITW
    I like your attitude to it. Incidentally, I haven't mastered texting yet...I'm not joking! I was hoping it wouldn't be around long enough to have to get to grips with. I suppose when I've been in France as long as you the language won't be too much of a worry. Anyway, I'm taking your advice. Why worry?

    Hi Vera
    That is quality advice and I know exactly what you mean about those gremlins in the middle of the night. I'll keep focussing on the positives as suggested and I'll even throw in a couple of smiles.

  4. One day at time, is best and I think it's good to wait till you come to a bridge to cross it. I also know whatever people say the little worries do hang around. Just remember "all is well."