Friday, June 04, 2010


I was so busy painting yesterday as well as attending our monthly welfare meeting in Nottingham, that I ran out of time to post. I'm still very tired from France so by the end of the day I feel zombified.

I was shortlisted but not selected for the RA Summer Exhibition. The letter came yesterday. My goal was to go through the selection process which I did. I enjoyed the experience and will get a few days in London so I'm quite happy. I think they were looking for something more cutting edge than what I had to offer. We're planning to go to the exhibition and will no doubt enjoy it. Maybe I'll  try again next year...maybe not.

Today is a beautiful day and I'm in the studio again. Juli will arrive about tea-time. They are dropping by en-route to Sunderland from Bel-Air and Paris.

My only instruction is to clear the dining room table, water the plants, make tea and arrange to pick up the stained glass that we've had repaired. I also expect to make a few calls and reply to some emails...maybe even visit a few blogs.

I thought I'd post now as I don't expect anything else to happen today and know things will be hectic later when the family arrive.

Q. How do I feel on this the 4th June?
A.  Fortunate, happy and optimistic.

Q. What music blasts in the studio today?
A. Rod Stewart, Rodney Crowell, Mark Knopfler (sailing to philadelphia, Daniel Bedingfield, Imogen Heap, Ron Sexsmith, Dylan, Show of Hands.


  1. Don't give up. Just because your paintings weren't accepted this year does not mean to say that they won't be accepted next year. Of course, if something more interesting comes along which diverts you, then that is different. But don't just stop. Perhaps I should pay attention to what I have just written to you, and keep on sending out my books to agents and publishers. So for us both: don't give up!

  2. Welcome home, Ken! I've missed popping in here so I was really glad to see that you are back for a while. I am going to have to steal that new word: Zombified. Love it!

    I agree with Vera. Don't give up. I love your artwork and the sense of light and inspiration I get from it. [And don't you give up either, Vera! :) ]

  3. I don't know about not being cutting edge - I thought your paintings were lovely and are the sort of works I want to see when I go to a gallery. I know it makes me sounds dated and fusty but I'm not a fan of conceptual bollocky art installations - I like a scene to be recognisable. Still to be short listed is no mean feat and I reckon you can feel justly proud.

  4. Never mind a gallery Ken, any of your paintings would look just lovely on my wall!! I agree that you can be proud of being shortlisted.
    Sailing to Philadelphia is a favourite of mine too, particularly the version with James Taylor.
    I regularly read your blog Ken, but my home computer for some reason has a google problem and it won't let me post a comment. I am using my husbands laptop in France at the moment, which has no such problem. Alas it's back to the UK tomorrow so it will be August before I next comment! Regards

  5. I think your paintings are great. You are quite right in enjoying the "experience," better luck next time. And thanks for taking time off to visit my blog...:)

  6. I won't give up if you don't Vera...and I suspect you never give up. I'm lovin' your blog incidentally.

    Hi Randi and thanks. I usually use Frazzled but was so tired that I could only remember Zombified. When I get really tired I can't remember my grandkids names for a minute or two.

    Hi Julie
    I'm much the same as you with installation art although I do like the thought behind some of it. I also like some modern art but traditional painting is my favourite.

    Hi GaynorB
    I've just about worn out the Mason Dixon Line with JT. I've noticed today that I have TWO copies. How did that happen?

    Hope you enjoyed France. I look forward to hearing where you visited but I guess I'll have to wait a while.
    Thanks for dropping by.