Thursday, June 10, 2010

Capturing the magic

"Sometimes, I believe, we are allowed to get lost that we may find the right person to ask directions of." -Robert Brault. 

This quote reminds me of our new friends Martin and Colette in France. Had we not plucked up the courage to ask them for help, we would not have met such genuinely nice people. It makes me wonder about all the really good friends we just haven't met yet. May we ever be lost and in need of direction. Where would we be without friends?

Thanks to my blog friends for all your kind words and advice over the year. You are real people the world over who are making a difference.

I feel a lot better today and can't believe how lop-sided my thinking was yesterday. It's history!

I forgot to mention that Bev went to Sheffield to see the BYU Ballroom Dance Team on Tuesday. They are undefeated US champions since 1982 who swept the board at the Blackpool Dance Festival here in the UK recently with their 'Capture the Magic' routine...just as they do every time they come. It's no wonder they opened and closed the Winter Olympics in SLC in 2008 and travel the world with their routines. They are phenomenal! 

Although I didn't go this time round, Bev took her mum and met up with the family. She also bumped into lots of people she knew. I've seen them before and was absolutely won over.

Anyway, Bev's feet haven't touched the ground since and she's currently dancing with a bunch of leeks in the garden. I suppose anything is better than my pathetic sense of rhythm. I tried some of the movements in the kitchen on Wednesday morning so I'm not surprised she's trying her luck with the leeks today.

She asked me what I'd like for tea and I said Salsa followed by a Tango (the drink). I got neither thankfully.

Tonight she may have been expecting something exotic with flare and romance but she got a jacket with tuna-mayo and sweetcorn...lovingly prepared as I waltzed around the sink, cooker and cupboards in an effort to capture the magic. She loved it!


  1. It's lovely when our paths cross with like-minded people who were there all the time but we just never knew it. When I last went to the hairdressers the lady in the next seat to me helped me with an unknown word the hairdresser kept using (cuir chevalu which means scalp - who knew?). It turned out that this lady has an American husband who does not speak much French, she was warm and gentle and it turned out she lived two streets away. Needless to say we have now become friends.

    It's lovely when chance meetings turn out to be good ones.

    Keep dancing

  2. that should be to Bev really - the dancing bit - you keep painting (and blogging)

  3. You are a romantic...dicey combination cooking and dancing!!! I prefer singing and cooking which I do all the time..:)

  4. Hi Julie
    That's amazing!
    I'm still painting and blogging!

    Hi Khushi
    After tonight's efforts I prefer concentrating and cooking.