Saturday, June 05, 2010

England to reach Semi-Final and lose against Brazil

A full scorching day in the garden and a trip to the tip always makes me feel good. The garden is full of colour now and things are growing that we don't remember planting.

We had a meal at Lord Ted then walked along the river to catch the last of the evening sun before heading back through town to pick the car up. Newark looks so beautiful tonight.

Today has been a super long day. I love really long days when not at work. It's like I get a special offer on life.

This Saturday marks the end of life as we know it. With the World Cup and Martin wanting a hand with his bathroom as well as lending a helping hand for my brother and a trip to London, there will be no more opportunities for home centred activity before setting off to France again.

Am I complaining? Depends on how far we get in the competition. I suspect we'll meet and beat France in the quarter finals before losing to Brazil in the Semi. Anything less will be very, very disappointing.

Oops...we hear thunder so I guess lightning isn't far behind. Time to switch the computer off and unplug.


  1. "I love really long days when not at work. It's like I get a special offer on life." - a great point for reflection. Thank you.

  2. I loved the way you've expressed a long day not at work... "It's like I get a special offer on life".... It's raining here too...but no thunder :)

  3. Actually you know, I like even short days when not at work.