Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Senseless life?

At a push I could do without legs, a couple of fingers or an arm. I could possibly get used to a world of silence so long as everything else was working okay... I'm almost halfway there anyway; but I can't imagine a life without sight. Worst of all a silent and sightless existence.

Not seeing the shimmering sun or a trembling leaf or hearing children's laughter and reassuring loving words would be unimaginable. Then there's the likes of Dylan and other great artists as well as the great creative world that's within touching distance.

To continue on a personal note, loss of speech could be seen as a blessing to others and in some cases a reciprocal arrangement would be most beneficial. Loss of sense of smell, touch or taste...no big deal (I think!)

Truth be told, I wouldn't want to do without any of them. I'd much rather just do without the things that come and go without leaving me lop-sided or wanting, like sweets, cakes, too much exercise, accountants, solicitors, politicians and people telling me what to do.  Other come and go things that I would like to stick around and stay a while are the likes of drive, passion, purpose and enthusiasm.

Aren't we an intricate lot? I feel quite blessed whenever I come to my senses and realise just what a lot I've got.

If I had to cut any of the permanent essential bits loose it would have to be...?

Actually, on the subject of cutting, would you sacrifice a finger for a fortune? Would you exchange a toe for a talent, an eye to save a life or an arm to prevent misfortune? You may be surprised to learn that I'd sacrifice all of these and more...so long as the doctor certified me dead along with an obligatory second opinion...can't be too careful!

I'm warming to the idea of my body being good for something and someone after I've vacated it. Anything is better than the maggots and worms fighting for the best bits.

I'm confident the resurrection will bring me all back together again somehow. What a party that will be! It'll be like another war in Heaven where everyone will be fighting for their bits back from each other. "Hey, that was my kidney". "No, no, no...the heart was on loan".

I might be flippant, but I do believe in the resurrection as perhaps the greatest miracle of all...second to life itself.


  1. I'm not much for sacrificing body parts to gain something, unless of course it's after I'm done using them all. I went into mourning at age ten after having my tonsils removed, wondering if those tonsils were lying in the hospital garbage wondering why I got rid of them without even saying goodbye. A friend of mine was sad after having a tooth pulled. We get attached to our cells, don't we?

    I'm with ya, Ken. Resurrection is indeed a miracle, as is the atonement that made the resurrection possible in the first place.

  2. Although you cannot see that my blog has been updated, I hope that you can read this LOL. I am reading about Monet, how awful for an artist to loose sight, yet it didn't deter him did it! I guess I put my head in the sand about body parts...When is the next trip to France?

  3. You totally crack me up, Ken! That wonderful image of everyone arguing over body parts - my imagination's working overtime!

    On a more serious note, I always thought I'd rather lose vision than hearing - until I became completely deaf for a fortnight. Changed my mind after that - no music, no conversation, no sound of water, no birdsong. Couldn't bear it. Probably shouldn't say that too loud, I guess!!

  4. I like the way you've woven one emotion to another and ended on a note of hope...Resurrection.
    The imagery is vivid...I could imagine an auction of unclaimed body parts...LOL

  5. Hi All, I'm coming to this late and tired so I think I'll re-visit tomorrow.

  6. Hi Blu
    I forgot all about Monet and his cataracts.
    I enjoyed reading about his birth year on your blog incidentally.
    Less than 5 weeks to go and I'm feeling the first tingle of excitement.

    Hi Jo
    I suppose the compromise would be a 50/50 split and hope my right eye goes before the creative and best left one.

    Hi Khushi
    An auction can only work once you HAVE your body parts and perhaps are looking for upgrades.