Sunday, June 13, 2010


Bev preparing the back garden yesterday. I think it's Bev!

For me this afternoon...

Lost my touch...

And my memory...happy birthday Jo!


  1. Ooh I love your landscaped yard. It's quite beautiful. You must really enjoy your time back there. Little Edith is getting so big! Nothing better than a Sunday afternoon with grandkids.

  2. Oh, that cute little face! I would love to hug that precious one :) A beautiful day with family. Your yard is gorgeous.

  3. Nice photos, Ken, and what a wonderful garden. Glad you had a nice day with your family.

  4. Don't you look smart for a Sunday - was that the for the church or little Edith that the tie got worn?

  5. Thanks, Ken. Had amazing day. Birthdays should come twice a year! (Well, the celebrating, being spoiled part - not the aging part!!)

    I love your garden - it must be so nice to sit there on a rare sunny day.

  6. Thanks Everyone
    Bev should take the plaudits for the garden looking so nice but you are right...I love to sit in it on those rare sunny days. Bev isn't so keen to bask in the heat of the day but likes the cooler evening sun. She'll also like the compliments when I pass them on to her.

    I'm smart BECAUSE its Sunday Julie...Sunday is a totally different experience to the rest of the week. I never work and rarely change into casuals after three hours of church. It's the only way I can cope with the world and stresses of life.

    So glad you had a great day Jo;long may they continue.