Friday, June 26, 2015

Who says voting doesn't make a difference?

This is the day America narrowly voted to legalise same-sex marriage across all of its states.

I'm assuming nothing has changed since Miracle on 34th Street, and that "In God we trust" is proudly printed on US currency. To my simple way of thinking, this is now contrary to popular belief. The nation is officially divided.

Is not marriage a religious ceremony?  I didn't think Man had the right to tinker with it?

I am, of course, in the minority now and in danger of being victimised for having a point of view, but what the heck! I believe in free- agency and I have the right to voice my opinion...I think!

I guess it will now be unlawful for some Christians to freely believe and practice their religion...unless of course you are Christian who only believes what is convenient or comfortable?

What of Christian denominations that refuse to perform such ceremonies...? Will they be forced to do something fundamentally against their Christian belief, and face prosecution if they stay firm in their belief and refuse?

It's crazy! This little  old world of ours is being turned upside down and we are being led by church-going Godless people. The statement is perhaps a little strong and unfair as I only have Obama and Cameron as examples, so excuse me for seemingly tarring everyone with the same brush.

There is shifting sand beneath the feet of many, but my feet will remain firmly planted on something far more substantial, solid and sure.

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