Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fete de la Musique

Today you are officially allowed to play music in France all day and throughout the night, and it's also the longest day. I think I'll sit out in the afternoon sun and play my guitar for a while. Billio have their music festival on Friday, so we'll probably go to that one as it's just down the road.

It's also Father's Day in the UK, and I'm pleased that I'm remembered.

Yesterday I worked on the bread oven roof before going with Mael-Dylan to visit Jean-Miguel in Lanouee. When I returned, we had a BBQ with Dave and Annie and a few other couples.  I ate too much as usual, but thoroughly enjoyed it. We walked home at 10:30pm and it was still bright.

I had to remove the overhang section as the rafter was bowed and couldn't be corrected.  I also strengthened it as it will be carrying some weight.  I can't tell you how many times I've bumped my head on that protruding ridge timber. I never learn!

Before you ask how I propose to remove the scaffolding, I can dismantle the scaffold below the base 'A' frame when I remove that top cross timber going through it, which is not fixed yet. I have thought about it :)

Can you see the template in position for half of the middle 'A' frame?

Gerry and Heather, Paul and Julie, Dave and Annie and us.

Annie's son Paul and his wife Julie (visiting from the UK).
It isn't the best photo, but the others were out of focus.

A little target practice.

Julie receiving instruction. I managed to hit my target...eventually.

The evening was good. The food and conversation were even better.

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