Sunday, June 07, 2015

My working week.

On Monday we had the Pfost family over for lunch.  It was good to spend a few hours with them before working on the wall.  I'm not allowed to start the bread oven until it's finished.

Tuesday was French in the morning and building the wall in the afternoon.

Wednesday we were in Dinan for a break.

Thursday was spent in the studio painting and working on the bank and wall in the afternoon...not to forget the evening meetings in Plescop.

Friday was working on the wall again.  In the evening we welcomed Martin and Colette back.

Saturday was finishing the wall and fitting the wall plates on the bread oven in between the tennis.

Today we went to Lorient after church in Vannes.

It doesn't look as if it was a hard week, but it was. That stone is very difficult to find and arrange. I'm getting old. I'm glad it's done.

English wording in a French town. I suspect the busker wasn't exactly discreet in looking at the ladies fashion.

The next time I come here I'll climb that tower.

From the ramparts.

Our helpers for a few hours...Tippett and Rasband.

Back at work, shifting some of that soil to the front garden.

Checking the 'A' frame base is the right width.

'Ay up m'duck'! Making sure I have what I need.

The wall finished at last. I can think about seeding the area now.

The big stone we struggled with is dead centre of the photo.

The bank is coming on nicely.

Wall plates secured and parexed. I pick up the extra scaffolding on Monday.

Today in Lorient...Tippett is off to Paris now.

And we're off home.

Enjoyed the rest of the evening watching Bradley Wiggins break the hour record and skyping whatever family was available.

Well done Jon for making advances with our genealogy.

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