Saturday, June 27, 2015

A little bit further.

It's too hot to work, but Bev encouraged me (and helped) cut the purlins and fix the brackets and fit in place.  It was a tricky operation as Bev wouldn't get on the wobbly scaffold :) She used lengths of timber to support one end while I screwed the other.

I've followed good advice from a professional (Andy Vanzandt) and opted for the double purlin squared to support the weight as opposed to a single purlin plumb. The saw bench wasn't able to cut the angle or depth required on the plumb version and, after speaking with Andy, realised that for the pitch of this roof, the weight will be pressing in as opposed to down. In short, the squared purlin is stronger and two would support the slate roof easily.

It will cost a little more, but it's more important  to have it right.

Just eight more to go.

I also had to change the brackets for these longer ones. They are only just over two euros each and I'll get my money back on the others.

Now that's what I call solid.

I'm also advised to strengthen the top and bottom of the velux opening.

Bad news...the mole surfaced right where it knew it would annoy me.

Off to a BBQ now over at Martin and Colette's place.

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