Monday, June 29, 2015


I think we've just about recovered from the weekend.
It was past midnight when we left the Fete de la Musique in Billio, and it was way past midnight when we left Martin and Colette's barbecue on Saturday.

There was rock, punk, folk, traditional and contemporary, choirs and plenty of dancing in Billio.

I couldn't get anything in focus, but loved these marionettes. They danced with the music and did everything their operators did. They were brilliant as they interacted with the crowd!

You can see how much hard work it is to operate these things. Even their feet were attached.

We walked back home up the hill in darkness with the music behind us all the way.

Saturday evening was the barbecue.

It couldn't haver been more perfect. The food was excellent and in abundance and the company, mainly French, was even better. 

There was the famille Gilet...Therese, Marina and Isabel (we are always happy to be in their company), our good friends Dave and Annie whose BBQ we went to last week and...

Jean-Claude (seen top right) who is the mayor of Guenno and his wife Lillian (seen dead centre in red). They were really good company. I liked Jean-Claude's humour even though he seemingly prefers Newcastle to Sunderland.

Natalie runs the library in Plumelec and is such a charming and lively woman, Christof (not sure how to spell his name) entertained us with some excellent traditional songs as the sun was replaced with moon and stars. In fact, we all ended up gathered around a single table singing something in the candlelight.

Colette was obviously having a good time. I think Natalie was checking on the dozens of photos Colette took because she kept pressing the button through not hearing a click.

Martin was here there and everywhere seeing to everyone's needs and doing such a good job of it.

The BBQ had everything, which is why it went beyond midnight.

Thanks, M& did better than good!

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