Friday, June 26, 2015

Thursday and Friday

We had help sorting out that bank for a couple of hours yesterday.  The weeds were beginning to think they were on a winner, so it was time to act. I'm waiting for roof timbers to arrive so the timing is perfect.

Is it that time already?

Mexican chicken, wedges and salad. 

All weeded and replenished...

...and covered. We'll cut openings to plant contrasting coloured shrubs, but the important thing is NO WEEDS.

Bev's old veg patch cleared, filled, levelled and rolled...

...and now seeded and covered with sieved soil. I don't suppose it'll be long before the moles re-landscape it, but for now I'm happy.
We just need a nice screen for the rainwater guttering...and something for the new path.

Back wall and retaining wall jet-washed and a tarpaulin down ready to catch the cherries which are already dropping.

Tonight we are walking with Martin and Colette to the Fete de Musique in Billio. Should be good.

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