Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Progress report...

It's supposed to be half day painting and half day building in no particular order, but it was a late start after studying and there were problems working out the best way to begin. The left hand wall is longer than the right so there's lots to think about. I'll paint tomorrow.

Scaffolding is up and ready.

Ridge timber level and secured.  It fits perfectly into the chimney. It was difficult doing it alone but I'm pleased it's up there.

Plumb line fixed to ensure it's in line.

Wall plates parexed...absolutely solid.

One 'A' frame diagonal in place with rafter on top. Two 'A' frame cross sections will straddle it.  

Now that I know what I'm doing, I'll hopefully be able to secure the complete 'A' frame and relocate the scaffolding tomorrow afternoon.  Painting takes priority in the morning.

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