Friday, June 12, 2015

A frustrating few hours on the roof.

Rained most of the day, which is good because I was in my studio.

It dried up late afternoon so I thought I'd do a bit on the bread oven.  It was so frustrating and painfully slow.  It's a good job we are out sightseeing tomorrow because a complete break from work will do us good.

It may look all solid, but there is only one piece of timber fixed in place. There is so much more to do on this first 'A' frame... like getting it perfectly square from the side.  I think it's thereabouts, but I can't be certain as there is no reference point other than a plumb line from the centre down to a cross timber and a home-made large square.

Does anyone know an effective way to check other than by eye?

We are looking forward to tomorrow and, because of it, Monday afternoon when I'll be up on the roof again with a fresh brain and eyes to match.

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