Thursday, September 26, 2013

Toads, Bread Oven Update and Garden

A really good day today. I painted TWO paintings, strimmed the ditches and perimeter, had a two hour French class, stacked a whole load of timber and worked on the bread oven.

 Just can't get rid of those toads. Any suggestions?

 I started levelling the top the other day as well as filling significant gaps.

It's nice to see a bit of colour.

 Next year I'll be able to make the wall permanent...with luck.

How can you tell that Pierrick brought one of his horses down the lane today? It was real entertainment watching him later trying to coax it into a horse box.

 Getting the inside wall prepared for tomorrow. If I can finish the other side as well as this corner section, I'd be over the moon.

 The inside wall is really haphazard...a lot to do.

I'm looking forward to the challenge.


  1. Your photographs are as artistic as your paintings! I love your stonework. It's beautiful.

  2. Ken, You are the man ... Brilliant work.

  3. You are something Ken! I am always amazed by your multi-faceted personality and your energy. You do a great photo blog too!