Friday, September 13, 2013

It's Friday The 13th And Our Front Door Should Be Fitted...

What can possibly go wrong? I woke up feeling fine. I didn't trip up going to the bathroom. I didn't spill my drink at breakfast. There was no email to cancel the fitting. The workman even turned up on time. In fact, he fitted the door without any problems, and it even opened from right to left as ordered. I checked the calendar. Yep, it's definitely Friday the 13th.

Bev about to water the plants while she can still use the door. No hiccups yet...

The old front door has served us well, but it couldn't really last another winter.

All gone.

Now, that's nice to see the front garden at last.

I think we need to visit North Notts Blinds.

So, did I get through the day unscathed? No.

While cutting stone for re-building the right hand side gable of the bread oven, I had an accident.  A chunk of stone was catapulted into my face and I naturally dropped the cutter. It's a beast of a cutter and it spun out of control in a frenzy because it was still running. It finally came to an abrupt halt, having severed the extension cable with a bang.

The good news is that the circuit breakers work perfectly. I suppose it could've severed my leg as opposed to the extension cable, but I was more concerned about the dripping blood and what Bev would say to me (she's always telling me to fit the guard and wear protective clothing).

I sneaked past the workman fitting the front door and entered the house though the back garden. I didn't really expect sympathy and my expectations were spot on as she cleaned the wound...a little too roughly if you ask me.

I managed to fix the extension cable and finished the cutting.

On balance, a good day.

We are off to Paris tomorrow and a visit to Giverny on the way back...a welcome break from building.


  1. Your door looks fab Ken! Sorry to hear about the injuries!

  2. Thanks, Helen. In just a week my injury has faded into can barely tell.