Friday, September 27, 2013

Another Day Working Outside

 Bev reminds me that we paid just 10 euros for this log-splitter. There is an electrical problem which
 can be easily fixed, but even if it costs 50 euros to fix it, it'll be a bargain.  Martin said he'll check the electrics for me.

The laurel trees that we took down were at the end of the shed. After discussions with Mickael, it was decided to have the boundary where I've stacked the timber. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the stack if the rain holds off.

I've been searching for hours for the right piece of stone for the front of the bread oven, and after uncovering this little heap near Martin's place, I'd almost given up. Then, with the last swing of the pick axe I uncovered a piece that will just do the job.  It's already in place ready to be cemented in. Once I've regained some energy the rest will be removed for future use...why look a gift horse in the mouth?
I'm so pleased I didn't have to rob my chimney stack pile.

The top of the wall on the outside is now complete at last.

 The tree looks colourful so I've included it in the picture.

 On our almost daily journey to empty our rubbish, we meet up with the horses...

 ...and the donkey with his little friend. We then continue around the block back home.

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