Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mickael and Sophie's wedding

After such a tearful day yesterday it was nice to see a day full of joy for our neighbours.

 Turning the corner and coming down towards the road leading to the main road.

The vintage car was Mickael's transport.

Bev watching everyone arrive at l'eglise Saint Brieuc de Cruguel.

All done and dusted.

On the way to reception.

A bit of fun while waiting for everyone to arrive.

la salle polyvalente de's where Bev and me mix with the locals every month to play games or step outside to enjoy a game of boules, which is what we did with some of the guests after taking this photo.

One of the Dishes...the food was exceptional.

It didn't end here...we left early at 1:30 am when the party was really rocking. As strange as it may seem, it's a family affair and the children aren't taken home to go to bed...they stay with everyone else. The celebrations will go on to the early hours of Monday.


  1. Lovely affair and beautiful pictures.

  2. Thanks, Joy. It's really nice to hear from you.