Thursday, September 19, 2013


Last Saturday was a very wet day, but still very enjoyable. We (Bev) actually drove into Paris even though she swore she'd never do it again after the last time when we were stuck going around the Arc De Triomphe.

 It gets bigger each time we visit...

Well, perhaps not that big.

I always wanted to go up the ADT. I met an elderly couple from Texas along with the husband's mother in the queue. She was as shocked as I was there wasn't a lift...but she made it to the top. I told her we were only half-way up... her expression was priceless.

The climb was worth it. We walked from here all the way down the Champs Elysees to the Tuileries and then up to the Opera House (which was closed)...then walked back to the Eiffel Tower for our boat trip.

Bev spotted  a place to eat.

At the start of our romantic boat trip along the Seine in the evening...still raining.

Thankfully, the sun was shining brightly the next day for our trip to Monet's Garden.


  1. I love this photo blog! Can I share some of these pictures on Pinterest? With attribution of course.