Thursday, September 12, 2013

Then It Dawns On Me...

Our front door was supposed to be fitted today, but I received an email saying there had been an accident at the factory and they will fit it tomorrow instead. 
Although it wasn't a particularly good day weather-wise, I decided to get on with the inside gable after I finished painting in the studio. 

I suddenly realised that the stack isn't central.  I measured and I'm five inches off centre. I'd been using some of the existing stone as a guide for the angle.
I need to move the right hand chimney stone to the right and adjust the angle accordingly. Fortunately slate edging will hide the error on the outside and timber will hide the error on the inside. What a pain!
I've already removed the stack. Those stones are a lot heavier than they look.


  1. Ken, looking brilliant, you are a genius, what a workman, it must be in your genes ..... now I know why my ancestors employed your ancestors.

  2. Me a genius? Ha! I'm sure your ancestors owe unpaid holiday pay by the way.