Friday, September 20, 2013

Sad News

I found Bev with a consoling arm around a tearful Sophie this morning outside our front door and, as I looked to my right, I saw a number of gendarmes and a tractor that had a dead horse in it's bucket and was lowering it onto our front garden. It was such a harrowing sight. The horse is only a few years old and had just broken out of the field and was heading towards Josselin.

Just past Beaulieu and before Dave and Annie's place, it was struck by Jean Claude from Cruguel. There was nothing he could have done to avoid it and it died instantly. Jean Claude was lucky to avoid injury, as his car was destroyed by the impact.

It was such a sad thing to happen, even more so on the eve of Sophie's wedding.

We thought it might be the horse that would have been pulling the wedding carriage tomorrow, but apparently not.

All the same, it's a tragic accident and such a loss. Sophie was understandably heartbroken, as was Mickael

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