Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Visits and thoughts of past friends

I'd forgotten how much of a metropolis the hospital was but it was worth the struggle to find the right ward.  Wanda was in good spirits as were Maggie and Jo who arrived at the same time.  Bev volunteered to circle with the car while I dashed in because they've demolished the car park (it was bad enough when the car park was available).  I was out with Bev last night as opposed to Martin.

On the way to the ward I noticed a large painting by Paul Waplington.  I was a friend of Paul way back in 1974 and, after catching up with Bev 25 minutes later, we drove to the street in West Bridgford (Nottingham) where we began married life...the same street where Paul and the rest of us used to congregate in flats to listen to music, play our guitars, put the world to rights and other stuff.

I haven't seem him since then.  In fact, I've hardly seen any of my early friends since then.  I guess we just walked different paths and lost touch.  We had some good times while it lasted and I'll never forget them.

Dylan wrote...'I wish, I wish, I wish in vain that our lives could be like that again. A thousand hours at the drop of a hat...I'd give it all gladly if our lives could be like that (again)'.

Well, I don't want to go back to those days.  If I did I'd probably only end up in prison, rehab or /and excommunicated.  I've moved on, but I wouldn't exclude them from my life if they were still around.

Some of my current friends are just as perculiar as my past ones so I'm sure it wasn't because of my beliefs that we all drifted apart.  I mean, who can be weirder than David Flinn?

Just this morning I had a conversation with Andy Jackson who sports a hairstyle, body armour and nail varnish some women would die for (well, perhaps not), but I find him more approachable than most. 

Dave Collins has more metal around and inside his head and tattoos on his body than anyone on the planet but again, he's the nicest of  people in conversation and I count him as a friend.

Anyway, I'm rambling.  While we were in the area we dropped a little something off  for Anne Bennett. 

We were intending to feed the ducks on the concrete steps side of the river (we aren't allowed to feed them on the grass side) but we forgot the bread, so we headed home, resisting the temptation to drop by our loony friends David & Eileen (we'd have stayed too long).

I enjoyed work today.  Yes, that's what I said. 

The pictures of Bel-Air and Bev didn't work last night. I still had strange dreams.  What can I say?  You just don't cut-it anymore Bev!  (I'm seriously only kidding).

Tonight I'm going to chill...unless Bev reads my blog.

ps, when I posted this comment about Bev , an advert popped up which read "Last minute flowers".  Do they know what we are writing?


  1. Tell us about your loony friends then - come on, dish the dirt

  2. I've just typed a long reply but it didn't post. I guess that's a sign.

    Eileen's okay, it's David that's a bit loony.

    Too many instances to quote, and over the past 30 years, so it's definitely not based on isolated one-off actions.

    Anyway,he's my best friend so don't be surprised cos I'm a little loony too. He's probably 70% and increasing and I'm only a retiring 10%.