Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Checking to see if I can upload images now

I'll update this post later today...
This is on our way back from a trip with our friends.  It was their first ever boat trip.

This is David at Lac au Duc.

I think I'll dedicate the next three posts to Bel-Air under the titles of work, rest and play.  With luck, all the problems in blogland will have been resolved.

This morning I sneaked downstairs to sprinkle the breakfast table with petals and stick a single flower in a tiny vase. A 'RESERVED' sign and setting the table really nicely before making breakfast set the scene for Bev as she came downstairs.  It's her birthday today and I thought it would be nice to do something that money can't buy.  She was suitably impressed.

I've reserved a table at a local Italian restaurant for 6:30pm and perhaps we'll finish the evening with a romantic walk along the river.  It's such a nice evening that we've decided to walk to the restaurant.

She's talking to our grandkids and Juli on the phone at the moment and is having a good laugh.as they sing to her.

I took this photo last week in Josselin...buying from the market stalls is way too expensive!

Happy Birthday Bev!