Monday, September 28, 2009

Winners and losers...

“The greatest wealth is to live content with little.” -Plato

Yesterday, Bev and I discussed an article about lottery winners who had lost everything, and we wondered how so much money can be squandered and the winners be so miserable almost as soon as the cheque drops on the mat.

In sport, Dave Bracegirdle (SKY sports commentator who in in my team at work) is looking forward to going to St Andrews this week to cover the Pro-Am golf.  He then informed me of Neil Webb (ex Forest striker) who was now a postman and is virtually penniless and divorced.  He was such a bright light.
I remember him coming into my shop along with the likes of Nigel Clough, Ian Bowyer, Stuart Pearce and Brian Laws to have their shirts framed. The world was their oyster and they were so happy. Most have gone on to success in management, but others into total obscurity or to struggle with their demons.

The topic then moved to Sunderland's 5-2 win over Wolves. I was earlier speaking to my sister Susan on the phone and she was off to watch the match.

She informed me of Tony Jeffries next fight on the 16th October in Sunderland (Tony is the fiance of my niece Sarah).  The bill sets the scene for two Olympic medalists...Tony and Darren Sutherland the Irish boxer, to face different oponents along with a few title fights.

They both share the same promoter Frank Moloney who dropped by to see Darren last week in London and found him dead, hanging by the neck.

Apparently, he was unable to cope with being a success.  It was so sad to hear.

Frank himself then had a heart attack and is recovering in hospital.

Billie Holiday once sang of 'strange fruit' being black slaves hanging from trees, but this fruit from tinsel paths is every bit as strange.

I wonder how I'd cope with success?  I think I'll take the money and run if it was a lottery win, although that's never likely to happen as I've never bought a ticket in my life and never will.

That just leaves fame followed by the usual fortune.


It's nice to be obscure, anonymous and poor, isn't it?


  1. We all dream about the big win and everyone wants to be a celebrity these days. I'm sure you're right, being anonymous is much better However a few more quid would always come in handy ! Too much money at once shifts the balance and I think a lot of people can't cope with sudden change of any kind. The lottery should be lots of £250k prizes, I think. Enough to pay off the mortgage and have a new car and a holiday, etc. Then it would be back to reality and people would still have their friends and need a job.

    BTW thanks for stopping by at my place and welcome ! Jean

  2. I can't keep up with your daily postings, I'm afraid to say. How do you find the time? As for the lottery - nah, it's a mug's game.

  3. Hi Jean
    I think you should suggest spreading it out a bit to the powers that be. It'll do wonders for the economy.
    Thanks for the welcome.

    FF...I've been writing a daily journal for donkeys years. I didn't always write so much, but this is far more representative of what I do and think than my old written journals were.
    When I'm old (older) I would have read my journals again and written my personal history from them. This way I don't have to as it's already complete and ready to print. The added bonus is that my family can read and comment as I go along. They don't have to wait until I die and sort the attic out to find some dusty forgotten old journal. I also get to touch base with people like you, who I would never have come into contact with previously. I love to share thoughts, ideas and perspectives.
    Writing a daily journal in this format is fantastic.