Saturday, September 26, 2009


I slipped on some drying mortar on the roof today and almost fell.  As I tried to grasp the ladder, it flew off in the opposite direction leaving me on the edge of the roof clawing at fresh air.  Amber heard the clatter of my bucket as it landed on top of Bev's pansies. Bev froze and I swear her first instinct was to check the damage to her flowers ahead of my well being. She checked herself and pushed the ladder back to help me.

I've now finished the pointing of the brickwork both front and back. It's a job I'm happy to have out of the way. All day I've been at it and now I had about an hour and a half to clear up, have a bath and make the following for 7:00pm when we would meet with friends to enjoy eating something that we have grown in our gardens.

I made this...
Diced Leak Surprise...
Diced leaks
Diced bacon
4 Boiled eggs (in quarters)
Cheese sauce
Grated cheddar
Crushed crisps

The surprise was that it tasted delicious!

Bev made this...
Almond Toffee Pears...
12 boiled pear halves (fresh windfall)
Toffee mixture,,,50g margarine
40g flaked almonds
50g sugar
1tbsp flour
1 tbsp milk
served with double cream.  So good!

It was a great evening and lovely to see everyone.  It was so good to eat and chat. There was so much food and such a variety. We hadn't eaten since mid-day so I heartily participated, so to speak (made a pig of myself).

I't been a funny week regarding food really.  Today was the first day since coming back that we have prepared what we've eaten (breakfast excluded).  Yes, with Bev's birthday and treats, we've eaten out every night.

Tomorrow afternoon will see us with a traditional home cooked Sunday lunch (for a change).

The table decorations for tonights meal...hosted by David and Wendy.  Yes, the flowers were from their garden.


  1. First of all - can't you just sit and do nothing? Gallivanting over the roof - honestly! Are you in training or being a cat burglar or something.

    Loved the recipes - that is now the third pear one I have seen this week and they all sound yummy. shame we have no pear trees.

    That table looked lovely - wish I had been there

  2. Hi FF
    Even if you sit and do nothing, you are doing something. Anyway, in ten minutes I'm going to sit down, close my eyes and drift off for half an hour.
    The recipes WERE yummy! Don't let a little obstacle like not having a pear tree stop you. Did you never go scrumping? I think it's a little unfair though, that the nicest things to eat are always the worst things for us. I can't afford to make a habit out of eating these things.

    If you had joined us, you would have enjoyed the company and we would have enjoyed yours.

    Incidentally, I found your comments about the French National Health System very interesting as well as reassuring. You are obviously in the best of hands.

  3. Looks lovely, glad you're treating yourself. x