Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dizzy heights, befuddled brains and best wishes...

I was up that flippin ladder again last night as I needed to get some mortar off the brickwork. We then dashed over to Mansfield with the double ladders on the roofrack to remove the grass  growing in the guttering of Ash & Ambers place. I had to extend the ladders and,  with Ashley at the foot,  I felt especially nervous digging and chopping away at the stuff (I thought I could just lift it out). Ashley behaved himself for once but I still had wobbly legs by the finish. I do not like heights.

Before we drove home, he showed me some of the applications on the Mac I'll be buying. It must have been on my mind...in my dreams I was trying to copy and paste my thoughts and getting frustrated when I couldn't do it.  I was also trying to use ctrl F on myself to find thoughts but I couldn't remember what the thoughts were.

The brain is brilliant (not mine in particular) but I do wish I could find things quicker.  For me it's a long drive trying to access my hard drive.

Anyway,  apparently they are bringing a new model out within the next few weeks (apple), so I thought I'd wait before ordering.

Tonight I'm out visiting with Martin.  With luck, we'll be able to find which ward Wanda is on.  Wanda had a suspected heart attack yesterday and we are waiting for news. She's an incredible woman who, in my view, has certainly had a challenging past ten years or so.  It's strange isn't it, that some people sail through life, yet others are seemingly dragged through it?  She always has a smile and is stoical to the 'enth degree.

She teaches me by example a lot about service, sacrifice and having a good attitude.

Get well soon Wanda...Allan is in good hands, don't worry.

Work was frustrating today which means I've been frustrated  both asleep and awake. 

Roll on bed time for some nice dreams...I intend to look at a photo of Bel-Air just before retiring, and then a photo of Bev just to make sure.


  1. Dad you are hilarious! I can't believe you trusted Ash at the bottom of a ladder after what happened last time.

  2. Ok the poulton family - what happened last time Ash was in charge of holding the ladder?

    Get well Wanda

    Ke4n - hope you get 'ME' time one day soon without ladders to climb, walls to build, hospital visits to do, friends to look after and all the myriad things that you seem to fit into your life.

  3. If truth be told, I'm the one that's not to be trusted Juli.

    I'll pass your get well wish to Wanda FF.

    I bet I don't do more than most everybody else really. It just sounds a lot.

    'Me' time is this weekend in the Yorkshire Dales and not even the expected rain will dampen our pleasure (assuming the sat-nav gets us there).