Thursday, September 24, 2009


If you rest, you rust.- Helen Hayes

My advice to you Helen is not to rest in the rain. Do as I do and pick a nice dry, warm day. Anyway, here's proof that I did rest this past month... It's what I call the bench mark for relaxation.

I'm not so much on top of the world as on top of the well (earmarked for renovation within the next four years). I wasn't actually asleep here.  I was tracking a long-haul jet airliner high in the sky and was trying tocalculate it's speed and wondering what the view was like from up there.
How can so many people be in such a speck of an object?

Getting back to relaxation...walking in the woods, visiting places and generally chilling weren't alien to me during this holiday. I had quite a lot of it. I'm coming around to the French idea of a siesta too.  An afternoon power nap does wonders. I wish I could have them in England but sadly it is never likely to happen.  If it does, they'd probably tax it!

Speaking of resting...I've booked Bev and myself into a remote and secluded 4 star hotel for our anniversary next Friday.  The place was built about 1550. It's  in the 'Calendar Girls' region of Yorkshire and we've been advised to use Sat-Nav (they say even the local taxi-drivers can't find it).  On the way there we'll hopefully visit Harrogate and on Saturday we'll drop by Skipton...possibly Knaresborough and Kettlewell of course, before checking in with the 5 Star Hotel Devine in Leeds.

It's our 33rd anniversary (I think). Yep! I've just done the math.
Now I've got to find out what it is...tin, copper, linen or whatever.

Oh my word, the comments option is working! Perhaps it's just had a rest.

Afterthoughts on the subject of friend Gary tells me that when we eventually live full-time in Brittany, we will automatically have a burial plot allocated to us free of charge (other than the cost of the digger on the day). If this is true it would certainly put my mind at rest as I'd then be able to afford lead over wood (see past post in June).

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  1. Hurrah and hello the the comment box

    I think you earned a rest with all the graft you did in France. As for afternoon siestas - they suit my body clock perfectly - I get up very early, go to bed about 11 and a snooze about 3pm does me nicely.

    Congrats on the forthcoming anniversary and what sounds like a super duper weekend. I love a good hotel,me.

    (waves at Bev)