Sunday, September 27, 2009


"In many areas of understanding, none so much as in our understanding of God, we bump up against a simplicity so profound that we must assign complexities to it to comprehend it at all. It is mindful of how we paste decals to a sliding glass door to keep from bumping our nose against it. " - Robert Brault.

I spent time discussing doctrine today to such an extent that I gave myself a headache.  It's simple really and I'd do well to remember that in future, so that I might enjoy a clear head.
However, if the gospel of Jesus Christ was simple, one would wonder why there are over 500 Christian denominations. Doctrine is common to all and there is truth in all, but some contain more doctrine and others too little. There is only one that occupies that rarified atmosphere of standing alone in mirroring the gospel as preached by Christ himself.
I confess however to an admiration for all who try and follow Christ, regardless of doctrine.
On a lighter note, I'm often held up for derision for starting more jobs than I finish. I thought this other quote by Robert Brault today was hiliarious...
"I can't be a complete fool, because that would mean I completed something I started."
As a kid in care, I was moved around so much that I never had the opportunity to finish anything I started...relationships, T.V programmes, education, models, jig-saws etc! I often didn't even get the chance to start things. As an adult the pattern continued but with a difference.  I now find I'm around long enough to re-visit the many things I start and, as such, accomplish a great deal.  I'm okay with that.
I smiled though when I read that quote. It just reminded me of me.  
We're all different. Of that, I'm certain we can all agree. I love being unique, don't you?
Now I'd like to list all my unfinished jobs, but perhaps not...I know I won't finish it! Anyway, there are some that believe that lists prevent the brain from functioning.  They may be right.  The more lists I make, the more I rely on them and the more numb my brain becomes.
Feeling listless right now...but still my brain is numb!


  1. Ken,

    Now why didn't I think of that -- not having a list makes you feel listless. (lol)

    Thanks so much for the mentions. I was thinking of making some repairs to my post today, but now I'm thinking it's just fine the way it is. If Ken Devine can find a couple of things to like, I'm satisfied.


  2. We love Robert--it's because of him that I found my way here to begin with. I've enjoyed this site ever since. I hope you've recovered from your doctrine-induced headache. :)

  3. Dad, we've known your brain has been numb for some time! Love ya!xx

  4. I ALWAYS find something of interest in your posts Robert.

    Thanks Randi. Yes, I've recovered, but it took a while. I don't know where I'd be without paracetamol.

    That's my girl. Love you too Juli.