Sunday, August 30, 2015

THREE first time experiences.

I didn't have a nightmare last night, but I woke up THREE times because of a stupid dream that just wouldn't go away. It's the first time it's ever happened to me.
Fortunately, I managed to have a snooze in the recliner outside in the warmth this afternoon, so I'm not all that tired.

The second 'first time' experience was at church today. I was scheduled to be the final speaker (I have to speak every twelve weeks), and I was hoping I'd have enough time to give it (I needed fifteen minutes). The first speaker finished very early, and the second speaker finished early, too. By the time it got to me I had almost forty minutes!

To fill the time, I gave an off the cuff talk in English which was translated into French and then I gave my scheduled French talk which was translated into English for the English speaking visitors. It was unexpected but really quite pleasant.

Anyway, as Bev is in the UK, I thought I'd show her that I'm eating okay. This is not, of course, a first time experience, although it's rare for me to be cooking of late.

All my own work. The pork steak had garlic and a touch of black pepper cooked with it. Really enjoyed it. Loved the ice-cream, too...and I love the gravy granules you've bought, Bev.

I managed to do a little more slating on Saturday...nothing new there.

The third first time experience wasn't the colony of moles that have decided to plague me again, but how many birds of prey I saw above me as I woke from my snooze in the garden.

We've only ever seen one 'Billio Eagle' at any one time. This time, fairly high in the sky, circling in a very tight bunch were more than THIRTY! They wouldn't keep still, so I can't confirm exactly, but definitely more than 30. I was transfixed as I was torn between staying to watch them and dashing off for the camera. I stayed watching them for almost five minutes.

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