Thursday, August 13, 2015


The sign says it all.

This is the second visit...the first was without the camera.

I included this photo because as soon as the man said this scorpion was a predator, Danny smiled and Hollie took cover (as soon as we explained what it meant)..


These look exactly like a leaf.

I know it's out of focus, but I just love the way Danny always seems to smile when his sisters are frightened.

Again, it's out of focus, but I love it...two little monsters about to come face to face!

There are too many insects to photograph. 

Unfortunately they weren't able to stay to see all of the films (which were hilarious), so we'll be back for another visit soon.

Carved with a chainsaw in Lizio.

I think the sign said 'Do not sit on these carvings', but they don't understand French and sometimes granddads get confused and aren't always the best examples.

I can't show my favourite picture of Danny here but I'll send it to you (Chris and Juli) via email.

Hold tight, Hollie!

They dropped me off at Cruguel for French on the way home. I really enjoyed the walk back home after the class.

Time to do some baking, grandma!


Hollie is such a poser!

I caught Danny a bit later cheating at cards. It was called 'Cheat', mind you :)

After his game he split a load of logs for me.

Look at what we made, granddad! No, you have to wait!

I think Ice Age 1, 2, 3 and 4 + Harry Potter in print and film are popular this holiday.

Hollie tricked me into reading more than I said I would when I took her to bed...much to her delight.

Grandma is all tired out now as she's the one at the centre of everything.

*Congratulations to Lucy for getting such good results in her exams.

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