Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Almost up to date.

Tuesday afternoon and it's time to do a bit of windsurfing.

Not much wind, but the forecast is reasonable for later.


The kids just love that little dingy.

Danny, John and the twins.

Asher gets Anna-Belle.

Hannah managed to make this dress for the wedding on Saturday, along with the other bridesmaids dresses. Pressure or what?

Almost there.

The last little bit.

Looking good!

All done! Thanks David (and John + John)...you have been brilliant!
Now, where can I get some stone to finish the frontage?

Perfect! Thanks, Gary.

I'm not invited to the tea-party.

Ann catching up with reading about the battlefields she'll be visiting soon.

Keeping cool.

Danny studying French...and doing very well.

Get out of the sun, granddad!!

The morning of David and Eileen's last day.

David thinking he had no audience. People were listening though, and it was very atmospheric. Pity they are going back within the hour.

Anna-Belle with one of my hats. It looks better on her.

Waiting for the dancing to start over at St Aubin.

At last! Anna-Belle thought she was only there to watch. She loved it.

She soon got the hang of it.

Now there's a sight you don't often see. Danny dancing with two of his sisters.

I'm just in the picture, but Abs catches the moment.

Get in there, Danny!

This one's for Facebook.

The boys (and Hollie) making water bombs.

I was exhibiting at the Festival des Artisans d'Art at Lizio and the parade came right by. The music, dance, colour and costume were magnificent. I was too late to capture the warriors.

This was an incredibly hot day and they must have struggled in the heat but oh, what a spectacle!

This is my favourite photo.

And they all came back  the other way... I still missed the warriors.
The dancers from the other evening were also performing and dropped by to have a chat.

Danny taking a shortcut back from the car park at 8pm.

I remember these from last week. With over 180 artisans, I've decided not to include photos here. The festivities went on till past midnight.

Back to tranquility and a well earned break. It's great having Scott, Helen and the family here...it gives us a bit of a break because they all play together very well.

Note to self...I must post the photos of our visit to England before it gets too late.

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