Tuesday, August 18, 2015


It's 10:30 and we are Damgan bound with Dave & Annie.  It's a beach we've never been to and it's only 45mins away.

The parking (free) is less than five meters away which is great info for windsurfers.

C'mon granddad!

What's Dave up to?

Yep! We are the only people on the beach frying sausages.

Form a line, please.

The tide is going out very quickly and everyone seems to be digging up cockles.

This is the moment that Danny found his hermit crab.

It's getting hot!

A little French girl popped her head over the wall and made friends.

Checking out the windsurfers?

Something in the sky this time.

Let me have a look! it turned out to be a sky banner for army recruitment.

Kit-Kat ice cream. 

Abs, after her body-boarding.

Hollie, wave jumping.

Time to take the hermit crab back home.

The beach is getting crowded now. Time to go home.

As soon as we cleared up, two families took our place.

Its been a great seven hours.

Maybe next time we'll find the buried frisbee.

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