Sunday, August 02, 2015

Lazy Sunday afternoon.

...I've got no time to worry. Close my eyes and drift away. These are the words of the Kinks song, and the plan was to do just that. After church we stopped at the chateau on our way to taking Gary home. It was hot and the priority was to find shade, close my eyes and drift away to the sounds of Summer.

Anna-Belle being Anna-Belle.

It was nice to find some shade.

The musicians were playing and there were exhibitions in and around the chateau. The art was too contemporary for my liking, but I did like the room that resembled a Miro. I think he would have liked the concept of using the entire room as opposed to being restricted to the confines of a single canvas. 
Danny is teasing Gary here because he dragged his fingers across a textured wall painting in the chateau which was still wet. He didn't see the sign that read "Do Not Touch". The attendant was not amused. The artist would have been even less so.

As you can see...I didn't manage to close my eyes for long.

He's still teasing Gary about the wall painting he virtually signed.

Hollie thinks it was funny, too.

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