Saturday, August 22, 2015

Quand Les Calvaires S'Illuminent...

Starting a jig-saw puzzle...

...and finishing a jig-saw puzzle.

Abs, preparing the area for the winter wood store.

The perimeter stack was starting to topple a little. It's time to remove it and clear the area for a proper fence. Hollie was magnificent.

They even helped with the splitting.

Friday at 9:15am at Le Bono to help a family move into their new home.  They now live on this road with this view.

It's not often Danny is smiling while doing jobs.

Even Hollie and Abs get in on the act...

...and create instant friends.

Le Bono is quite a nice place.

We had a mystery trip on the way home and came across this village of thatched cottages.  Every single cottage had a thatch and the place was immaculate and full of colour.

Danny has a special way of getting into the walnut tree. It requires a leap from the wall and swinging up on the branch he catches.

Still Friday and we've just enough time to eat before the missionaries come to help us with some jobs. We normally feed them, but they will have already eaten.

Abs in oak.

More logs to shift.

Abs catching up with her reading.

Hollie joins her for a well earned break.

Getting rid of the knotty trunks at last.

Thanks for your help!

All split and stacked inside ready to use, with plenty of space for storing other things over winter. The bread oven is actually being used at last. The roof isn't totally waterproof yet, but the slate won't take too long to do before everything is totally dry for the winter months.

An unusually late night at Guehenno to see the Les Calvaires S'illuminent. The above group is Cecile Corbel...celtic harp. When it gets really dark we'll wander over to the church to see the illuminations. Guehenno is the seventh village to show the illuminations and it will last until Sunday evening.

Karen, Hubert and Marthe are amongst the crowds. It was a carnival atmosphere with singing and lots of stall-holders.

We're on our way to get a good place.

The kids managed to crawl into bed around 11:30+...but it was worth it.

It was a very long day.

Today the chain saw was in use and the trailer crammed for another trip to the tip...the last before it closes for renovation.  It opens again in January.

We also had a little mystery trip, did the shopping, cut the grass and generally chilled. We were too tired to do much more.

I can't believe we only have five more days with our grandkids...its going so quickly and there's still so much to do.

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