Wednesday, August 12, 2015


The day started early for me. I volunteered to help break up concrete in someone's garden along with dismantling wire enclosures. We met up a few kilometers outside La Chapelle Caro which is about half an hour drive, before following the lead car to a remote house along a narrow track where the work was.

It was tough going and very hot. We ended up with quite a pile of concrete and wire fence panels.

Arriving back at 12:30 and everyone is playing happily.

We had lunch and then set off to pick up a trailerload of slate. Rod was in a generous mood and treated us to cold drinks and Ben & Jerry's ice cream (not sure of the spelling). The heat is uncomfortable now so Lac au Duc was the next stop.

We had a score to settle on the volleyball and Hollie v Abs and Danny. Hollie and Abs jumped ship after half an hour or so, leaving just Danny and me.

Danny finished up the champion.

Tonight Anna-Belle read Harry Potter to me (I fell asleep next to her on the bed). Hollie has been beaten at Triominos by grandma and is trying her luck at Othello. Danny is reading Sorcerers Stone.

We are all tired out.

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