Saturday, August 15, 2015

La Gacilly

Yesterday was a rainy day, so we picked blackberries and visited Dave and Annie to drop off some of the biscuits they made yesterday. Back inside it was games, Skype and films. I think Bev has played just about every game there is.

Today was a much brighter day, so I did a little stonework while Bev went shopping with the kids.
After lunch we went to see the photo exhibition at La Gacilly.

Every year the whole village stages a massive photo exhibition. The above photos are from 1955/6.

There are too many photos to show on my little blog.

Access to some photos are via narrow lanes and between private gardens.

Who can resist a blueberry or two?

These girls could still be alive. It's a wonderful photo.

Life was hard...

...and conditions were pretty basic.

Even the smallest village has interesting metalwork.

I gave each of our grandkids six questions that they needed to ask in French and Danny is in this shop right now introducing himself and asking one of the questions.

Nothing you see here is alive.

Another question asked inside this studio.

Checking the list of questions.

Hollie with her list and Danny dusting up on his French before asking another question.

It's such a beautiful place.

It's exhausting when you're having fun.

On the way to the maze gardens for more photos.

Look at where the power is coming from.  Who'd have guessed they use motorbikes in Mongolia?

This man is keeping warm from the last of his trees. He has lost 2,000 of his goats and the future isn't looking good.

Every picture tells a painful story.

This one is real and is right in front of me.

The caption reads...Two girls bathing in the Dead Sea. Well, I make it three!

Another rest.

Some of the paths are steep and very colourful.

I liked this one of Venice. There is talk of excluding cruise ships coming so close, in the near future.

There were photos of what families are eating around the world...and there is a bottle of coke in just about every one.

They suddenly wanted to dance.

They all managed to introduce themselves and ask six questions to six different individuals in French. 

We now know... 
1. The name of the mayor of La Gacilly.
2. There is somewhere close by for kids to play.
3.There isn't a prison here.
4. Three artisans live here and the rest live between 2 and 12 kilometers away.
5. What La Gacilly is famous for.
6. Where the nearest sweet shop is.

In the end they opted for ice-cream rather than sweets.

A good outing but on the way back we hit thousands of motorbikes on their annual pilgrimage for the pardon. It's quite a spectacle, but not when you are stuck in traffic.

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