Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spencer Lee Devine

Here he is at last...

With Great Grandma Needham

With Grandma Bev
And Mum...showing expectant Aunt Sarah in the background
Martin has taken some real good photos and will send them soon.

It was so good to have the family together. Life just can't get better than this. You would have loved being with us Juli. We are looking forward to seeing you in France next week.

I won't post anything about my childhood today, but will continue tomorrow.


  1. How adorable....lovely pics. As a new grandma (my first grand child is 3 mths) I can understand the joy of holding one's grandchild.

  2. Catching up with your blog and found your childhood memories fascinating, tinged with a little sadness, yet wanted to read more. Looks like you had a good time with the family.

  3. Congratulations to the new arrival in your family. The birth of a new member always gives a lift to the heart, and I sure you and Bev's are lifted up sky-high!

  4. Ken,

    Congratulations, a truly handsome lad (must be related to you on your wife's side.) And belated appreciations for your childhood tales, which have the makings of a really interesting life story. What a fascinating fellow you are!


  5. So gorgeous!! He's so big, too. A strong new Devine in the making! :)

  6. Absolutely a handsome prince! Congratulations!