Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I've revised my last post because I think sometimes I just blurt things out without giving thought. I often put my foot in it. I never seem to learn. Hockney can say and do what he likes, he doesn't need me to pontificate. Surely I can be disappointed without clashing cymbals.

I jokingly joined a 'Tongue' club over 35 years ago acknowledging that the strongest muscle in the body can build or destroy at will. Mine doesn't lash out often but it does tend to slip and has been sharp enough to easily cut. I'm not as bad as I used to be. Mine is well scarred through the biting of it over the years as evidence of  trying. Still I struggling to tame it.

If I haven't anything good to say, I should refrain. Perhaps listening to the current political cut and thrust is rubbing off  on me. I think I'll practice a little tongue in cheek instead.

Dani didn't turn up for work today and has lost the chance of permanent employment. What makes someone who really needed a break, shoot themselves in the foot like that? Our paths crossed for a very short spell and we'll likely never meet again. I think she may regret letting go of the opportunity she had to stabilise things.

Some unsuspecting person will meet me tomorrow for the first time in their life and try to make sense of what I teach them. Let's hope my tongue is well prepared and able to build, uplift and motivate.

Tonight we watched a film that French Fancy and her readers recommended...Julie & Julia. Meryl Streep is one heck of a good actress and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'm tired now and it's not yet 10:00pm. An early night for me I think.

Oh, I almost forgot. Welcome to Khushi. I hope you enjoy visiting here from time to time. You are most welcome. I visited your blog only briefly and will return for sure tomorrow to learn more about you and life in Chile.


  1. Thanks Ken. I haven't been through much yet but what I've read I have enjoyed.

    The tongue! Oh dear me, I've been trying to tame mine for long...guess I'm not biting it hard enough! Anyway, "since none but the spirit can tame the tongue" I have left it to the spirit. I hope my tongue is always able to "build, uplift and motivate." Thanks Ken for your shared thoughts.

  2. I need to practice "taming my tongue" too. I'm sure you'll always be a great motivator with your words. I enjoy what you have to say :)

  3. Hi Khushi
    Thank you. I forgot about scriptural references to the tongue. Perhaps that's why I've struggled...I've not had too much of the spirit.

    Hi Septembermom
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. Thanks for the kind words.