Saturday, May 08, 2010

I fancy...?

Weather is very poor here in Newark but I feel fine. I'm pleased it wasn't like this last Saturday. Today is going to be full of music, creativity and ticking things off lists. The weather is not going to defeat me.

The early bird catches the worm and for me it was momentum... I feel like a lot has been done, even if it may not be the case.
  • Light fittings for the kitchen at Bel-Air
  • The loft...including stopping every two minutes to flick through my old LP's and photographs.
  • Getting everything together for, mirrors, photographs, artwork, shelves, blinds, books.
  • Painting in the studio with the volume turned up. I even danced as I painted.
  • Preparing for a bonfire.
The only disappointment was not being able to find two statues that I know I have somewhere. I last saw them eight years ago...definitely not in the loft. Actually, they've got to be in the loft. Where else can they be? Can anyone help me? They are wrapped up in newspaper with my old bottle collection... I think!

In the mood for a treat now, if only we can figure out what it is that we fancy.

I would do a list of treats and fancies ready for the next time I get stuck, but I know I'll lose it.


  1. Simply blissful to read Ken about.."Painting in the studio with the volume turned up. I even danced as I painted" 'Thanks for sharing - such moments are gems that light up the passage of life.

  2. When are you off to France ?

  3. Hi Raj
    Please let me have your blog address again.
    Thanks for your comments.

    Hi Julie
    Tomorrow is countdown time. 10 days to go and I'm absolutely ready.