Sunday, May 09, 2010

Rising and retiring thoughts

My waking thoughts...
Do I think in pictures before words kick in? I was also trying to pinpoint the first words I spoke in life. The whole thing sent me back off to sleep and I woke up feeling groggy.

M&S and A&A joined us for dinner and beyond. We'll miss them coming round when we live in France.

Retiring thoughts...
My brain doesn't function when I leave it as late as this to write about the experiences of the day, so I retire with malfunctioning grey matter and leave the experiences untouched by clumsy words.


  1. Always a creative expression Ken "Do I think in pictures before words kick in" - yours truly thinks in terms of phrases / songs!!

  2. Ken, even your pictures speak more than words! At a late hour my mind's a jigsaw puzzle that my brain struggles with...!

  3. Thanks Raj
    I'll check you out. Thanks for making contact.

    Hi Khushi
    What a brilliant analogy. I'm glad I'm not the only one.