Monday, May 03, 2010


We had M&S as well as Peter & Sue for lunch yesterday. Their company was refreshing, entertaining and long overdue. A&A were coming en-route to Sunderland for a visit to Beamish with Juli and the gang today, but Ash was too tired from Saturday so gave us a miss.

Stayed up way too late last night to watch the prog on Hockney. I think I quite like the man. He seems down to earth although we differ as the stars do from the bright mid-day sun.

When he referred to non-smokers and a smoke-free world as dull, I thought 'what!' Why is he disappointing me so? I've now placed him among the ranks of likeable fully sighted visionary talented blinded people.

Q. Am I being too hard? Am I being too negative? Am I just jealous?
A. Yes to all three.

The sun shines today and I feel fresh, sharp and happy. I'll be in the studio the same as artists world-wide but face the prospect of work as usual at the office tomorrow. Mmm! would you believe that it just started raining?

Tonight we have our annual French property owners meeting with David and Eileen. We meet to review last year and go over plans for this year. Can't believe that we'll be there this very month. I'm trying to find a word to convey the excitement. Here's one and one free...'Oooohhhyes!'


  1. Counting down the days to something good is lovely.

  2. Hi Julie
    It started with months, then weeks and now days. Soon it'll be hours. It's brilliant!

  3. How long is it since you were there? You sound so excited !!

  4. Hi Jean
    We were last there in September. Almost 8 months ago!! I am so ready for this visit.