Thursday, May 06, 2010

Predictions, politics and perspective

Ken Devine's very own 'Gallows' poll suggests no violent swings. With the prospect of a hung parliament our politicians are the closest to hanging we can hope for.  I might be stretching it but I think it'll be 'neck and neck!'

Poor Serene is now eight days overdue and is feeling blue. My independent conservative opinion is that she'll soon be galloping into labour with the need of liberal doses of pain killers. She'll get my vote anyway and we'll soon have our own party celebrations.  C'mon Serene fly the flag and do something different! Don't be camerooned at home for another second. If your'e feeling a bit cleggy, take a few deep breaths and go for it. We need to squeeze you-know-who, out!

For Sunday's final day of the football season (why not the traditional football Saturdays?) it's time to check my pre-season prediction for Sunderland...10th position and mid-table respectability (middle of the road to pinch a political analogy).

With one game to go we are 13th (not a good number), but I predict the teams ahead to lose (Fulham, Blackburn and Stoke) and Sunderland to finish victorious against Wolves to snatch 10th place. C'mon you reds, don't make me feel blue! Let's keep the wolves from our door!

Right (that's not a clue)...I'm off to place my cross in the hope of avoiding being it. I'll then spend time in the studio furiously mixing colour...liberal doses... in the vain hope of avoiding green. I will however avoid brown. I'll then canvas your opinion.

There you go! Guess who I'm voting for?

My final prediction...storm clouds over Europe if I forget to buy the sausages for tea.


  1. I'm going to guess you are a 'Dave' man.

  2. Julie, what are you saying???? All the clues are there.

  3. Why "avoid green?"

    Hope you remembered those sausages :)

  4. An interesting piece of word play although I can't get the clues as I'm clueless about your political scenario..:)
    However I hope along with Septembermom that you remembered to buy those sausages!

  5. Hi All
    Green isn't a reference to the Green political party. I was using the analogy of a colour mix.

    Blue(Conservatives) and yellow(Lib Dems) = green if combined. It's a vain hope to consider anything other than the Lib Dems lending support to the Conservatives to form a majority government. Political reform however is more likely if they side with Labour. I'm anti Mr Brown rather than anti Labour. Gordon Brown is an arrogant man of monumental proportion. There is a slim chance for Lib Dems to side with Labour but only if Mr Brown stands down as leader but he's unlikely to do that.

    I'm fundamentally opposed to the Conservatives on the issue of Europe, jobs for the boys, tax breaks for the rich, a dodgy economic policy, immigration and Trident...our outdated and breathtakingly expensive nuclear deterrent.

    Lab and Cons will now attempt to court the Lib Dems and negotiate a deal. The next day or so will be very interesting.

    On a more important note...I remembered the sausages.