Sunday, November 23, 2014

Two journeys.

After our French class on Friday we drove all the way from Vannes to Brest to see a car which was for sale, then to Radenac to see Gary. We didn't buy the car and we didn't see Gary.

Near Brest. Three windsurfers were just preparing to launch. They were in for a treat with conditions nigh on perfect.

Near Radenac at sunset.

On Saturday we drove to Acigne which is the other side of Rennes to see a car for sale, then to Ikea which is located to the west of Rennes.  We bought the car as well as a batch of stuff...more than we should have, from Ikea.  We also dropped in at the Comptoir Des Rue in Ploermel on the way home and picked up four items for three euros.  Why can't everywhere be like the Comptoir Des Rue?


  1. You finally bought the car! And a whole lot of other happens with me all the time...I end up buying more than I intended in the first place!

  2. I think it's difficult to come away from Ikea having spent nothing. Do you have Ikea where you are, Joy?